Brion Poloncic is a self-taught artist, author, and songwriter residing in Omaha, NE.  He has been drawing since 2006 when while shooting a documentary, artist Ben Krell taped a piece of paper to the wall and directed that he start drawing. That first piece went on to sell and the seed was planted and a love for the process was birthed.  Brion has also  published two books of fiction on Chicago label Journal of Experimental Fiction and two albums on San Francisco music label Public Eyesore.  Brion's art explores the communal unconscious and compares his art  to improvisational noise.  He lives in South Omaha with his dog Indie-Rock.  


Madness is not something to be romanticized, sought after as genius in mysterious high-esteem or paraded around in lofty hi-jinx. Schizophrenia is a spiritual sensitivity from which one can only recuperate from by constructing a philosophy for an experience denied by my science, my religion, and my culture. And this is from where the art stems, not from inspiration but from desperation, form a place where if you are not insane or depressed, you’re not paying attention.